3.5 km Swim Thru Perth

The traditional straight line course


For 2022, the 3.5km Swim Thru Perth has returned to a straight line course, beginning just north of the Narrows Bridge in Perth waters and ending at Matilda Bay. The course buoys will be pink (approx 500m apart) up until the buoys marking the 1.6k course, these buoys will be yellow and need to be kept on your right and proceeding to the Duck buoy as final turning buoy. The 2 black and white checked buoys are guide buoys into the finish Arch (timing Arch).
The registration and briefing area is on the grassed area outside the UWA Sports Centre at Matilda Bay, Crawley. 
For the 1.6K Classic swim, Swimmers will enter the water at Matilda Bay, swim around the marked buoys and finish at Matilda Bay adjacent to the UWA Sports Centre. Refer to the 1.6K course for full details.